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Blah Bleeble and a bit of bloo

on July 6, 2007

When I'm laying in bed at night, waiting for sleep to hit after staying up way too late, I think of all these wonderful blog posts that I could write.

Oh the wonder of these posts!  The wit!  The humour!  The correct grammar and pronunciation!  It is stuff of which dreams are made!

Unfortunately, then sleep hits, I get up, get on the computer, and while small children are biting at my ankles, all I can do is cruise the Diva forums and mindlessly reply by using smilies.


In other news, we got a YMCA membership today!  This is very exciting for me.  I am a member of a club!  woohoo!  Mind you, we had to PAY to get into the club, but beggers can't be choosers.

Peterborough has this gorgeous brand new Y that was built just last year (I think.  It may have been several years ago… I find out about things a little later than normal.)

We did a free swim today, signed up the oldest two hooligans for swimming lessons, realized that today was the first day of swimming lessons and that they started in ten minutes, got back out of the van, put wet bathing suits back on them, and had the lessons!  Keyzia should really be in the next step up, but there was no room because we are late slackers.

As an aside, why the heck can't they just number the stinking classes?  There are different levels, of course, but they all have crazy names… Bobbers, Floaters, Divers, Whales.  Okay, maybe I made that last one up, but that would be the class I'm in!  Numbering them just makes SO much more sense!


The kids loved it.  Thought it was the best thing ever.  The young girl who was teaching them actually did a pretty good job of reigning Ephraim in.  I pulled her aside after the class and told her to feel free to smack him around some give him a time out.  Keyzia spent most of the class swimming under water… and no, it wasn't because her brother was trying to drown her.

Talya spent the class attached to my boob.

Ja spent the class whining and yawning.  (why DO we stay up so late????)

All in all it was a lovely time at the Y.  We really hope that we can make good use of it.  Maybe even do that thing that people do on those machines there… ex…  er …  ??  exercise?  That thing?

In other news, the Hyena Cart Congo that I am a part of is doing this fabulous thing for one of the Divas on the message board that we're all apart of.  They recently found out that her husband has an untreatable form of lung cancer.  They have two very young children and are absolutely the sweetest people.  The Diva is one of the first people to send me a cloth diaper!

Check out the auctions, we've all done our best to gather as much as we could to help these guys out.  I'm making knit sushi for the toy collaboration!

And now off I go to look at the disaster that is the kitchen.  To think about sewing up some diapers (although I won't because I'm way behind on my knitting), and to fend off the man that I married.

I don't know why he finds hairy legs so sexy.

Okay, is this layout funny for anyone else?  It's cutting off the edge of the articles for me… leave a comment and let me know, wouldja?


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