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Knitters Ho!

on May 27, 2007

Oh my my my.  I did something amazing this weekend.  I jumped out of my comfort box, scootched up to Toronto and listened to everone's favourite knitter, the Yarn Harlot

Allyson and I drove up Friday afternoon, picked up Amanda, and scootched on the lovely TTC for the Canadian Launch of Stephanie Pearl-Macphee's new book.

The talk was great.  Stephanie is so funny, and very tiny in person.  Much prettier than in pictures too.

I have so much that I want to say about the weekend, but I'm not yet quite sure how to put it into words.  Let's try some pictures, shall we?

Here we are, first in line to get our book signed…  Stephanie graciously insisted that people with babies either inside their bodies or outside their bodies got to go first.  Of course there was more interest in Talya than in me!

With the famous needles and socks in hand, Talya is DESTINED to be a great knitter.  She grabbed right onto those things, and didn't try to put them in her mouth…  at least not right away!  I don't think I was too terribly dorky (Stephanie will probably disagree….) although I was very nervous.

She is really the most lovely person.  So real and down to earth.  I can completely understand why her blog gets thousands of hits a day, and why her books are on the best seller list.  It isn't just that she's a good writer, but she is a fabulous friendly person as well.  Stephanie made sure to talk to everyone as they went through the line.  It wasn't just a sign the book and move on kind of thing.

There were large amounts of knitters all gathered in Indigo books.  Knitting, chatting, having a great time.  It's amazing this community of Knitters.  One thing that we have in common and we all get along.  I think that there would be peace in the world if everyone knew how to knit.

Yesterday, Saturday, 20 of us met for a good old fashioned Yarn Crawl.  The Yarn Shoppes in Toronto??  Oh my goodness.  I would consider moving there just for the shops.

Here we are at Lettuce Knit.  By far my favourite shoppe.  A tiny little place, but so cute, and the people there were amazing.  I got my big purchases of the day here…  my goal was accomplished here…  my drop spindle and fleece.

We had lunch while we were here in Kensington Square (?) and compared stashes while we waited for our Big Fat Burritos.

I think one of the funniest things was the “class photos” we did at every yarn shoppe we stopped at.

Stephanie would have to wait for a red light or for the traffic to clear to be able to take the shot…  See how close she is to the street car tracks there?  Yah.  At every shoppe it was like that!

I have so much more to say about this weekend, but I think I need to let the rest of it sink in for a while.  I really do feel like it was a once in a lifetime thing, and I am so glad that I did.  The baby was fabulous.  Hauled around in the sling for ten hours, and she was content as could be.  It was amazing.

I think the best part was that the weekend was all about me.  It was all about me and something that I love to do with people in who also love to do it.  It was nice to not have to explain what the deal is with this string thing.  It was awesome to have people not look at you funny for touching every single ball of wool in a store.  It was amazing to have people nod in complete understanding when you would exclaim that a skein was good enough to eat.

More later on the weekend, but I will leave you with this egg popping (heh heh heh) picture of Talya in a hat from AlterKnits, our last stop on the crawl.

Knitter out.


One response to “Knitters Ho!

  1. Amanda says:

    What a great day we had. Talya was divine. The yarn was pretty good too. And Allyson had morning sickness. Had I known, had I ever been pregnant before – I would have had a TON of sympathy for her and would have waited on her hand and foot! I hope we get more days like this together and I hope we don’t let too much time go by before we do it again.

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