Hooligan Zoo

Two Zookeepers… many Hooligans… It's always feeding time at this zoo!


on January 12, 2007

Wow.  I guess all two of my readers here think I've fallen off the face of the earth, hunh?  But, such is not the case.  we have been very very busy… you know, with the busyness… and the feeding, and the pulling apart of siblings, and the changing diapers, and the feeding, and the pulling apart of siblings…  and on and on.  It has, actually, eliminated my past ability to write reasonably grammatically correct sentences.  Sad, I know.

Since I last wrote, we've had Christmas.  We stayed pretty low key this year, and yet it was still a bit overwhelming.  I don't really feel like I was totally there… in an odd way, and yet I did experience it.  I didn't get dressed all day Christmas day, and we all had a nap in the afternoon.

This having three kids thing is tough.  They outnumber us now.  We're playing that, okay, who gets my attention first game, and let me tell you, they're all battling for first place.

It probably takes us a good two hours to get out the door to get anywhere.  Which, of course, means that spur of the moment trips don't happen very well.  There needs to be planning!  And finding of shoes the night before!  And naps!  There should be lots of naps!

So, we are working on the balance thing.  The kids are getting used to having a baby around.  (Even though we had an entire conversation about how God makes girls girls and they stay girls… their penises don't grow in later on.)  (Don't ask.)  We are not getting used to being the parents of three, but in a strange way we adore it.

And now, to conclude a rambling, incoherent post, a cute baby picture.


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