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Here comes the hermit…

on October 26, 2006

There's something about having more than one child.  After the first pregnancy, you can see some signs in yourself, some ways you become, that kind of thing. 

Not to mention that after the first pregnancy, going to the bathroom all the time gets old really fast.

You don't have any stomach muscles left to hold the kid up.

And the crankiness of late pregancy seems to increase tenfold with each child.

With Keyzia and with Ephraim, I became something of a hermit in the last month.  Not answering the phone, not wanting to go out, feeling a little bit postal if ONE MORE PERSON said “gee, how overdue are you??”



This peanut pregnancy has been tough.  Harder on my body than either of the other ones.  With Ephraim, it was the heat I had to deal with.  With this one, it's the not being able to take a step without hurting.  The reflux.  The aching in my very bones.  The fact that sometimes I have to look down and make sure my legs are still attached to my torso, because my joints feel so loose.

Add to that the emotional aspect of hormones racing like crazy through your body.

I remember my parents telling me the story of how my dad used to bring my mom home a chocolate bar from work every night.  One night he forgot, didn't have the money, or whatever, and my mom completely lost it.  We're talking divorce here, people. 

I can relate.

People always say to me that the no sleep is just preparing me for the no sleep with a newborn.  I think that's bull.  I actually sleep better when I have a newborn…

And so here we are, counting down with 6 1/2 weeks left. 

6 1/2 weeks.

Yet, I am so excited to hold this baby in my arms.  To feel her curl up against me… that precious precious trusting new baby.  The way that God gave babies that incredible baby smell that seeps into your senses.

I keep my eyes focused on that and it almost, ALMOST seems worthwhile.


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