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Plaster, Belly and Boobs, Oh my!

on October 15, 2006

On Fridays, fondly known around here as free food Fridays, we go over
to the Early Year's Centre and get some free food!  The government
has this program where you go and sign up, the kids play, they feed us
a snack and lunch, AND we get to take home two bags of food and a gift
certificate for a grocery store.  It's lovely.

What does that have to do with boobs, you may ask?  Of bellies,
for that matter?  And where the heck does plaster fit in?

Well, at the EYC I met the lovely and wonderful Tara.  I have to admit that we bonded.  She makes and sells these gorgeous ring slings
that I was totally drooling over.  Tara also completely understood
that we were only having another baby so that we could use the sling
again.  The bond of the baby wearing mother goes deep, I tell ya,

ANYWAY, again, probably wondering what this has to do with boobs! 
Other than the fact that nursing in the sling is awesome… hands free
nursing, wahoo!!  But, I digress.

Tara has this neat business, The Better Baby Company,
and they are coming out with a new product, today, I believe. 
It's a belly casting kit, and she begged (okay, not really) me to use
my belly for instructions, test run, etc, for the kit.

Tara and photographer Brendan
descended on me last Tuesday night arms full of medical grade plaster,
camera and various other things.  (Hey Tara, next time?  I
like the mocha's from Timmy's… heh heh heh).

After a brief tour of our colourful house, when Tara didn't even flinch
at the state the kids' bedrooms were in (I knew at that moment she was
a kindred spirit), I stripped down and greased up.

The first step was to completely coat my belly with vaseline.  For
this part, I left my bra on… extra warmth, perhaps?  One thing I
would do differently, is wrap the vaseline right around my sides a bit
more.  When the cast came off, it did pull on the sides.  Oh,
and lift the boobs, people!  Lift the boobs!

Tara was busily at work cutting up the plaster strips, I reclined on a
kitchen chair (note for next time, more comfy pillow for my butt….)
and the plaster was applied.

Tara had to dip the strips into the bowl of water then kind of skim the excess water off…  much like wallpapering.

((Oh yah, see that mole on the bottom right of my tummy?  Well,
that used to be right next to my belly button… nice, eh?))

The idea is to keep building on the plaster.  Kind of like paper
mache… You have to keep criss crossing the strips so that it builds
up a strong layer.

Here's a hint!  If you raise your arms up a bit, your boobs get perkier!  ((ha!))

Yes, one of my boobs is bigger than the other.  Here she's just
doing the finishing touches.  Smoothing, reinforcing, that kind of
thing.  You want it to be nice and strong so that it doesn't break
on you when you take it off.

It was a bit bizarre, it got really warm as the plaster was setting,
but then it got quite cold under there.  We had to wait for about
15ish minutes for it to set, and then Tara popped it right off. 
Totally cool.

Things that I would do differently?  Better butt pillow. 
More vaseline on my sides, and shower directly afterward.  My skin
is super super sensitive, and the plaster left behind on my skin was a
bit itchy.  It was fine by the next day though.

A totally neat-o experience, and now my belly will be famous!

Go buy a kit.  And while you're at it, get a sling too, wouldja?

((Oh, and yes, I will sign autographs.  heh heh heh.)


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