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So much to say…

on September 8, 2006

I've been planning a few posts in my head for about a week now.  It started with this package of soap I got in the mail from my fabulous online buddy, Robynn.  Seriously, go to the Ferguson Heritage Soap Factory.  The soap is so amazing (more on that another day). 

Then we found out that a cousin of mine had died in a car accident on his nineteenth birthday.

Then I had a very close call in the van myself.

So, I was thinking, why don't I just post the email that I sent to a good friend of mine instead?  And that's what this is…

Oh Bev… 

What a few days it's been!  A few days that were nutty enough to warrant a whole new email!!

So, because I get sore so easily now, we decided to kind of do one last trip down to my parents and join it up with a visit to Jason's friend who lives just down the road from my parents.  That was fine.  It was a nice visit, got to see my nieces, Ephraim fed some cows.  The men took the kids out on the Gator to see the cows so I had a lovely visit with the wife of the friend.  All good.  The weather was kind of sucky, as you know, but it was still lovely.

Then my dad called us early Sunday morning.  Turns out that my cousin Nathan had died in a car accident Saturday night.  It was his 19th birthday.  This is the second child that this family has lost.  We weren't close to him, but still family is family.  I didn't think they were church goers or saved or anything like that.  So we went to the Wake in Stirling on Tuesday night.  My sister Glenna even bussed in from Kitchener to go, which meant all four of us were there for the wake.  It was quite heartbreaking.  I did really well until we came across the oldest brother, who I did grow up with.  Then him and I both kind of lost it.  However, my aunt was completely thrilled that all four of us had made the effort to come down.  I was really glad about that. 

ANYWAY, this is the amazing part.  I was feeling pretty lost because I don't really know how to grieve for someone who isn't saved…  BUT, JASON'S cousin Julie was at the wake too.  We couldn't figure out the linkage, how they would know each other, that kind of thing.  Not from the same small town, didn't go to the same school…  and Julie is quite a bit older.  It turns out that Nathan was going to their (Julie and her now husband's) youth group.  Les, Julie's husband, and Julie knew him very well, and also knew that he was saved!!  Oh Bev, I was so glad to hear that.  It changed the whole situation somehow, you know?  I felt instant peace.  And I was so thankful that God had put Julie at the Wake, in a spot where we would see her (it was PACKED) at the same time we were there so that we could know.  It was truly truly amazing.

So that was the weekend.

Then, (my goodness, this is a novel!!) yesterday I went to Port Hope to help my friend Jen out by watching her little guy for her.  She just started a new job and was only stuck for this week with no sitter.  No problem, just hung out at her house with her little guy and my two.  My parents were going to be coming into Peterborough yesterday to drop my sister Glenna back off at the bus stop. 

I was coming home with the kidlets down 28, and was just outside of Bewdley when I felt something in the van pop and I lost all control.  The wheel did nothing, it was completely loose.  I felt the van pulling into the oncoming lane, and new I just had to not let that happen.  This was after five, so the highway was really busy….  but, the stretch where this happened there were no cars terribly near me (praise number 3 billion).  I skidded off the highway and onto the shoulder where it was like we stopped abruptly.  I KNOW that it was only the hand of God that got us stopped, that there were no cars to collide with, AND that we didn't roll down the very steep embankment there.  When I got out to see what was going on, the wheels were pointed toward each other…  not a good sign at all!!  I shut the van down, and we were maybe two inches from the embankment.  If that.  Another second or two, and we would have gone over.  If we had have gone into the ditch, we would have wrote off the van, not to mention it was very very likely that we would have rolled it.

SO….  nobody stopped for us.  Even the people that saw it happen.  Until a man pulled in front when he saw me walking with the kids, we hadn't made it very far at all.  He asked me if I needed help, a cell phone, a ride…  I was shaking, so I was probably pretty white too.  I called Jason at work, etc, etc…  This man, all I know is his name is Cam (why didn't I ask him his last name?????)  Was truly amazing and truly sent by God just for me.  He got me completely calmed down, got the kids carseats into his car…  He would have driven us all the way home, but I was trying not to be a bother.  He was going to home depot, so I got him to take us there.  Bev, he stayed with us the entire time we were waiting to be picked up.  About half an hour, to make sure that we were safe.  I kept telling him we were okay and thanks very much, and he insisted that he was going to make sure we were safe.  What a wonderful man.  I was so thankful that he came by.  I didn't have any hesitation about taking a ride from him either…. went with my gut there. 

Jason managed to find my parents and my dad came down and got us from the depot.  The Ja and my dad went to look at the van after dropping us here.  I was really thankful that my mom was here too… after that adrenaline rush, I completely lost it.  I do think I am the main cause for flooding in Peterborough!!!  It turns out that a tie rod (sp??) broke, and that's how I lost control.  Nothing I could have done about it.  Jason was pretty shaken up after he saw how close the van was to the edge too.  My dad managed to rig it together just to get it to a church parking lot or something.  He's going to be able to come up tonight or on the weekend to fix it for us.

I tell ya, though, my faith????  Has increased a hundred fold.  I am so thankful.  If the van had to break down, we couldn't have had a better outcome.  It happened where no cars were around, an awesome guy stopped for us.  My parents just “happened” to be in town that day, my sister took the early bus which meant we could find them.  My cousin is, as we speak, having a feast at the Good Lord's table…  whew! 

And that's my story.



My faith has really taken a booster shot right in the behind.  And?  Cost to fix the van?  $34.  My dad is great.  My God is an awesome God.


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