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Tenacious at three

on August 30, 2006

So, my son is three.  And he is a stubborn little thing (gets it from his father, of course.)

The other night Eph was wearing snap up pj's.  You know, the one piece jobbies that snap up the front.  Totally fine.  He needs a bit of help to go pee with them on, but he still loves them.

Ja was putting him to bed and had the genius thought of teaching our illustrious son how to do up snaps!  That's all fine and good, teaches him, lets him try a few, tucked in, nighty night, right?

When Ja and I went up to bed after ten, our son was still sitting on the side of the bed.  Doing up his snaps, and then undoing them.  Doing up his snaps and then undoing them.  Doing up… well, you get the picture.

He practiced doing up his snaps for two hours.

I had to change him into snapless pj's to get him to go to sleep.

Then I had to have a little chat with Ja about how it's great to teach our kids new things and all, but maybe hold off til morning, and not do it right before bed!

Good thing Ja didn't teach Eph Algebra or Calculus before bed… the poor kid would probably still be awake.


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