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Terribly terrifying threes…

on August 23, 2006

Ephraim, my gorgeous little dutch boy, today you are three years
old.  Three years ago today, you decided it was time to wreak all
the havoc you could on the world from the outside… 

And wreak havoc you do.  You have this impish little grin, and
these twinkly blue eyes that make me want to hug you instead of putting
you into the multiple time outs that you seem to get in one day.

You are a vibrating little bundle of energy.  You want to go and
go and go… and you don't give up going until you're forced to. 
You insist on being a big boy, and yet you are still soft and need the
love of a little boy… as long as it is on your terms.

Eph, your entire short life up to this point seems to be based on how
you can get your own way, do things your own way, be your own
way.  While at the same time you want to do everything that your
sister does… especially if it ruins her fun.

You are all boy.  Your favourite pastime is throwing rocks into
the water… any rocks… in any water.  A treat for you is going
down to the creek with your daddy and tossing rocks in to your heart's

You are a stubborn little thing too.  It's amazing how hard it is
to get a little thirty pound boy to do what you want him to do when he
has the will of a four hundred pound man.  You will do the exact
opposite of what we tell you to do, just to see what will happen. 
You get angry when it's the wrong shoes, the toast is cut the wrong
way, it's a different cup than you had in your head… 
Unfortunately for you, your daddy and I are just as stubborn.  Is
there a manual that you read on what are the exact buttons to push to
drive us batty??

Ephraim, you have become such a little man over the past year. 
Learning how to spell your name out loud… counting, as fast as you
can up to ten, or higher.  Usually mostly in order.  You love
singing songs in the bathtub with me.  You adore super heroes…
Larry Boy, Veggie tales, but mostly you adore your daddy. 

I think in your mind, your daddy is the ultimate super hero, and that
is how it should be.  He can throw the super ball mega high, he
can lift you up and play airplane, and he takes you to throw rocks in
the creek.  I love how much you love and adore your daddy. 
You are so adorable when you “help” him by taking all the drill bits
out of his case.  Your eyes light up and you get very serious when
you see your daddy getting out the tools.

Ephraim, the age of two brought us so many things.  Toilet
training, learning how to spell your name, talking about mighty
machines at every possible instance.  I'm sad to see the baby in
you go, but I am so excited to see what the world of three is going to
bring us.

Your daddy and I so ache for you to become a man after God's own
heart.  I hope and pray for you every day.  You are a joy in
our lives, and you make us smile with your antics…  Keep your
humour, big boy, keep your energy…

Happy Birthday,



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