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21 Weeks and a diagnosis

on August 4, 2006

A little more than halfway there… 

I have a respectful bump now.  Not just looking fat, but actually look like there's something in there.  Lots of movement (especially at night when I'm trying to sleep… stinking kid…  proves who the father is, that's for sure!) 

21 weeks

I had my checkup this week.  On Monday, I think it was.  Turns out that having three babies in 4 years is a tad tough on the body…  my pubic bone is already killing me.  It hurts to lift up my legs.  My boobs are ginormous (Ja's not terribly sad about that!).  Oh, and headaches quite frequently are the order of the day.  The chiropractor does wonders for that, however.

Another odd thing, I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but I've always struggled with this nasty red acne on my face.  Especially on my chin.  It comes, it goes, it gets worse, it gets better.  I've probably had it for more than ten years.  I've tried so many acne treatments that it's nutty.

I figured since I was into the dr anyway, that I'd ask her if there was anything I could do about it.  She took one look (I had purposefully not put any makeup on), and said that it's rosacea.  Something that can only be treated with special antibiotic cream or other stuff.  My options are limited because I'm knocked up, but she did give me some cream samples to try.

I've been using the samples for just a couple of days, and while it still has a ways to go, it's looking so much better.

Gee, guess I should have gone to the dr's ten years ago, hunh?


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