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The perfect day… boy vs. girl

on July 24, 2006

There's something about the difference between boys and girls.  Having one of each, I can see that difference every day of my life.

I grew up with girls.  I had to get married so that I could have brothers.  Living with boys is all too new to me, especially living with my boy.

Both our kids are being raised with the same rules, the same access to the same toys, the same love, the same hugs and kisses… (Eph's time outs do outnumber Keyz's…) 

And yet, I have my artsy girlie girl, and my rough and tumble all boy boy.

Granted, each one can cross over to the other side for a good wrestle, or colour pictures.  But, they each gravitate back to what they like best.  Eph likes cars and mud, Keyz like crayons and paper.

The day that I took these pics it was gorgeous outside.  Not too hot, sunny but beautiful.  It had rained the day before and the lid for the sanbox hadn't been on all the way.  Ephraim was in there instantly.  Keyzia got out some paper and some crayons to make some more art.

The perfect day for each of them, and each of them in their own way.


the perfect day...


the perfect day...

dirty feet

Sending photos

the perfect day...

the perfect day...

It's nice to know that all you really need out of life is some mud and some crayons.  Why do we make it so difficult?


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