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The Shape of a Mother

on July 14, 2006

There's something about women and the image they have in their own minds of their own bodies.  As women, are bodies are truly amazing, we can nurture an infant that is growing inside of us, and afterward, we can give them sustenance provided by our own bodies.

Now, all that is well and good, but the post partum body can take a little getting used to.  I'm on baby number three, and I wasn't sure I could add any more stretch marks to my already stretchy tummy and thighs.  Ja tells me everyday that I'm beautiful.  He rubs my back, and is constantly trying to get in my pants, so I guess I have to believe him!

It is hard though, watching things change, become something that popular society does not think of as beautiful.

I was shown this website called The Shape of a Mother.  It is beautiful.  These women are beautiful.  We should be proud of our bodies, mothers or not, and this site is definitely one that is helping on the way.  Check it out.


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