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The Stick Guy

on July 12, 2006

Friends of ours came over last Thursday for a little visit and to pump the kids full of sugar right before bed. 

Kevin decided it would be fun to chase Eph and Keyz around with Eph's fishing pole stick, gently tapping them with it.  Much laughter and hysteria ensued…

This is the email correspondence that followed that fateful day…

Kevin, dear,

I just HAD to write and thank you so much for playing with my children last Thursday!  It was so nice when the next day I caught Ephraim chasing Keyzia around the yard with the stick trying to whack her as hard as he could. 

The best part was when I asked him why he was doing it, and he responded, “well, that's what the stick guy was doing!”



Dear Jamie,
What can I say but, “You're welcome!”  It's nice to know that I can still influence young minds.  Hope Keyzia can run fast.
Love Kevin
… and the best one…
Dear Ephraim,
I am glad to hear that you enjoy playing with your sister.  I hope you will use the stick as a fishing pole and not a girl wacker.  Wait about another 20 years before you chase girls.  The expensive part is if you catch them.  So heed my advice and play fish.
The Stick Guy

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