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The baby-niece…

on July 7, 2006

A few weeks ago, my baby-niece, Savannah (aka, Savvy) hit that amazing and scary milestone of being one year old.

I made her this little tank top and matching hat, which, (thanks Russell!) fit her perfectly! 

Sav's birthday 013

Isn't she precious?  It's odd that she isn't my child, and yet I feel completely right in taking all the credit for her cuteness.

 Sav's birthday 016

Specs on the tank and hat, plain old Bernat Kitchen cotton, size 5 crochet hook, and I totally can't find the grown up pattern that I based it on.  Anyone recognize it??

Savvy and I have a thing…  I don't really see her too often, or my other niecey-poo, Sierra, but I taught Sav how to rub noses.  Which, while kind of disgusting when her nose is running with snot, is still very cute.  Especially since I tell myself that she only does it with me!

  rubbing noses


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