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Long time no post…

on June 13, 2006

Hmmm.  Haven't really had too much to say lately!  I lieu of
coming up with something genius (ha!) and witty (ha! ha!) I give you
window art.

(all art accomplished with Crayola Window Writers.  Lovely things, really.)

Keyzia and I created this wonderful piece together.  Don't you
love the blue jays flying through the sky?  We had a very serious
discussion over what colour to make the tree trunk, seeing as we had no

The ocean scene.  This was Keyzia's creation and idea.  (The trucks there are actually on the window BEHIND.)

This is Eph's masterpiece.  Obviously you can see the creative
talent that rears it's head whenever the opportunity arises!  I
think he's probably going to be an abstract artist…

The following are two gratuitous cuteness shots…  for no particular reason whatsoever.

and the boy…

((Not too sure why he's sniffing the marker…))


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