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Sleep… glorious sleep…

on June 5, 2006

We were supposed to clean out the basement this weekend.  We still have all kinds of stuff down there that we took when my Gramma moved, and the path to washer is starting to get… er… more narrow.

So, this weekend my kidlets were at my parentals for a sleepover.  Keyzia was thrilled by the prospects of a sleepover, as usual.  She can't really wait to get away from us it seems!  The kisses and hugs goodbye are never teary, and if we talk to her on the phone, then she's always eager to get away.

The Eph-man, on the other hand, he still gets a bit weepy.  This time, at first he didn't even want to go to Gramma and Grampa's for a sleepover.  Not until Keyzia asked him to go.  Then it was okay, but he certainly clings a little bit longer for the goodbye hug, and waves until we're out of sight.

Anyway, the kidlets were gone, and our big chore was to clean out the basement!  Get rid of the crap!  Organize the crap we were going to keep!  Excitement and anticipation at being able to walk in the basement without fear of something jumping out at you from the giant piles!

Instead?  Instead we slept.  And talked.  And then we slept a little bit more.

On Friday night we were both asleep by 10, slept til 8 (that's ten hours, people).  Then we were tired at 11 and slept until 1!  Back in bed early-ish, slept another ten hours, and we were still tired all day.

We still have a horribly scary and mess basement, and yet we got to reconnect.  We cuddled.  We talked.  Without interruption.  We showered together with no one banging on the bathroom door.

My husband and I found each other again, and it was truly wonderful.


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