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Just say 'OW!'

on May 4, 2006

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but Keyzia turned four.  Along with all of the glory that goes with being four, there is also the yearly checkup at the doctor.

She's healthy!  Hard to tell, what with the rosy cheeks, and the happy face…  She's in the 70th percentile for weight AND height, so that's all good.  She's hit all her milestones with flying colours.

Ephraim didn't stop talking the whole time it was the poor girl's appointment. 

Dr. Boyd checked Keyz's ears.

Eph:  You can check my ears too, Dr. Boyd!

Dr. Boyd checked Keyz's bum.

Eph:  Do you want to look at my bum too, Dr. Boyd?

When the good doctor asked how Keyz's speech was (she told me before he came in that she was feeling “a little bit shy”) (she hardly said a word the whole time), I also piped up that there was nothing wrong with Eph's speech either.  Dr. Boyd laughed and asked if we ever get to turn it off.

Eph:  We can turn off the TV, Dr. Boyd!

And then came the awful part.  The needle part.  The part where I have to pin my daughter down, knowing that they are going to stick her with something sharp that is going to hurt.  All in the name of keeping her from hurting.

(((((aside here:  I am not looking for a debate on why we chose to immunize our children.  Why some people don't.  I respect each parents' individual decision for their own children, and I do expect mine to be respected as well.)))))

We had prepped her for this a bit.  We don't believe in telling our kids that something won't hurt when it will, so we did tell her it was going to hurt.  She understood that the needle was to keep her from getting sick, and she also understood that she wouldn't need another one until she's old (like Tori).

It didn't help. 

She sat on my lap, looked at me while I held her arm as still as could be…  I kept telling her to say 'ow' and she kept it together pretty well.  Only crying at the very end.

It was the second needle that absolutely broke my heart.  It's a live vaccine, so it stings while it's being put it.  The poor little thing absolutely buried her head in my neck and screamed her broken heart out.

And yet, she held really really still.  My little trooper.

That's the suckiest part of being a parent, I think.  The part when you have to do things that are going to hurt your kids, if only to protect them.  I think that every time I have to do something like this, my heart cracks just a little bit more.


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