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Yet again…

on May 3, 2006

It's kind of funny, actually, finding myself knocked up, again.  People have been asking us a lot if it was “planned”.  If we really wanted “another one”. 

was planned in that we weren't trying NOT to have a baby.  We
would have wanted this baby had we been actively trying, or full on
birth control.  We're just funny that way.  God won't give us
more than we can handle, we're just really praying that He doesn't
think we can handle twins!

I feel…  well, most days I feel
like something the dog dragged in.  It's really the exhaustion
that's killing me.  If I don't nap during the day, then I'm done
by about 4 in the afternoon.  As a downfall to that, I'm not
sleeping so great at night.  I want to sleep at night, I crave
sleeping at night, and yet it eludes me.

I am cutting back on a
lot of things.  I won't be doing respite on the weekends
anymore.  Still during the week once or twice, but I simply can't
handle the weekends as well.  Not to mention the fact that when
the peanut makes his or her appearance in this world, I will be giving
up a lot of things, might as well start now!

I haven't felt too
sick, as of yet.  As long as I eat continually throughout the
day.  And I mean continually.  My pants are all too small
already.  Just another smash on the waning ego.  Too big for
my regular pants, too too small for maternity. 

It is
funny though, how different each pregnancy is.  I've had two kids,
so you'd think I'd have some kind of a vague idea of what to expect,


Keyzia made me sick for the entire
first three months.  Throwing up constantly.  I lost ten
pounds in that first trimester.  It was not pretty at all.

Ephraim made me sick in the evenings.  Right after dinner, usually, although I didn't throw up too much with him.

This one?  No throwing up yet, just bouts of nausea.  Yucky yucky nausea. 

Did I mention the constant eating?

So, it'll be interesting to see how it all turns out, that's for sure!  We're really hoping a baby by the end of it…

And now, I really must have a nap.

Naps are goooood.


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