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The Faith of a child… all you need to know.

on April 23, 2006

I go to a women's bible study group once a week at my church.  It's quite fabulous, they supply child care!  For free!  Child care!!  Which means, of course, that I get to socialize with other adults.  For two hours.  Without telling someone to take their finger out of their nose, or without hearing, “I need to go poo, Momma!!”  It's bliss, I tell ya, bliss.

Anyway, the kids also get a little lesson on these mornings.  It's like Sunday school on Tuesdays.  I always ask them what they learned on the way home…

This past Tuesday…

Me:  So guys, what did you learn today?

Keyzia:  Well, Momma, we learned how Jesus died on the cross for us.

Me:  You did?  Wow.

Keyzia:  Yup.  He died so that we can go to heaven!

Me:  You're right!  He did!  Isn't that wonderful??

Keyzia:  And because we believe in Jesus, we get to go to heaven!  But some people don't believe in Jesus.  And they don't get to go to heaven.  That's sad.

Me:  That's true, it is very sad.

((and here's where she got me))

Keyzia:  But, I already knew all that, Momma, cuz YOU taught me.

And isn't that all there is to it?  In a nutshell?  When we take away all the doctrinal arguing, Christianity is about whether or not you believe and accept Jesus into your heart.  Those who believe in Him, go to heaven, those who don't?  Don't.


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