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Four is old

on March 29, 2006

My darling beautiful girl,

You're four!  You've been so excited about your birthday that
you've been talking about it for weeks now.  You've described your
cake in detail to me every day for a month.  “Blue with pink swirl
stripes all around.”

For the entirety of your short life blue has been your favourite colour
of all time.  Everything has had to be blue.  Just recently
you decided that your favourite colour is pink.  Why?  Pink
is great for princesses, and to be a princess is the ultimate!

You have started to love wearing dresses, becoming a real girlie
girl.  And yet, you will romp around in the mud with your nice
white tights and dress shoes.  That's my girl.

The drama in our house is overwhelming.  Who knew that someone so
sweet could throw herself on the floor, or run upstairs screaming over
one “wait a second.”  ((You totally get that from your father.))

Keyzia, you are single handedly helping to destroy the
rainforest.  The amount of paper we go through in this house is
absolutely astronomical.  You are always drawing something,
creating something, writing something.

When you are creating, you are completely and totally focused on your
project.  Nothing can distract you from the project until it is

Paint, crayons, pencils, it doesn't really matter to you.  Glue, clay, it's enough to make your Great Grandma proud!

Four is funny.  Four is big.  There's no baby left in four. 

Four is learning to read.  Four is doing things by yourself.

You have decided since giving up your thumb sucking that you don't need
to haul poor puppy around with you everywhere.  Only the
occasional cuddle on the couch, and sleeping every night.

You are growing to be such an intelligent young lady.  You love to
tell people that you “already do school… at home!”  You know how
to write the entire alphabet, and you know every sound that every
letter makes.  I think you are up to five bible verses now, and
you correct me when I say them wrong.  I can't give you enough
information to satisfy your craving for learning.  I hope and pray
that you keep that craving your whole life. 

There is power in knowledge.

I love you, doodle girl.  I love that you climb into bed with me
in the mornings to “have just a little snuggle” before we start our
day.  I love the way you grin at me when you've done something
silly.  I love how you tell me stories to make me laugh.

I'm so thankful for you.  Keep on growing, keep on learning. 
I'm excited to see what the year of four is going to bring us!


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