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Food for thought

on March 27, 2006

can remember two or three teachers they loved – teachers who excelled
and expected their students to excel. Imagine an education system in
which every graduating senior had 40 outstanding teachers whom they
loved instead of just two or three. That would truly be a world-class
education. But this will not happen until the teaching profession and
salaries are raised to a level that will attract and retain
high-caliber teachers.

((This article is
written out of the states, but could easily be applied to us here in
the Great White North.  Click on the quote to read it in its


It really
is a sad state of affairs that the public school system is in.  I
certainly don't blame teachers for wanting more money.  They in
fact NEED more money.

When I went to college, I took
the Developmental Services Worker Diploma with the goal of working with
special needs kids in the school system.  A truly wonderful
placement teacher that I had told me I had no business not running my
own classroom.  He encouraged me to go to university and to
eventually teach.

I did go to university, and I now
have a very expensive piece of paper that I can do nothing with unless
I go back to school for another year.  I need to get my teaching
degree in order to make that worthwhile.

That is not something I am willing to do.


Teachers work too hard.

put in 8 hours a day, but their day really doesn't end there.  The
teachers I know take home their marking, their prep work.  They
have their husbands help them cut out crafts for the next day. 
For what?  For parents who are unappreciative, and for minimum pay.

seems to me that the people who are in charge of, in essence, raising
our children for the majority of a day should be making a decent
wage.  A wage that they can at least live off of.

in our public schools are tired.  They're overworked and they have
too many kids in their classrooms.  It is not their fault that the
education received in a public school has become inferior.

And that is why we are going to homeschool.

Edited to add:

Hmm.  I don't think I was too clear when I was
writing this article, as was kindly pointed out to me with a reference
from another blog.

If teachers were paid more would we definitely send our kids happily off to public school?

I can't answer that.

Is the only reason that Public Schools are in the state they're in right now because of the pay difficulties?

I think that that is a big part of it.  Along with
poor funding per student, too high student to teacher ratio, and too
little parent involvement.

All I know is that God has led us to homeschool for now.  In the future?  Who knows. 

Do I look down on people who chose not to
homeschool?  I certainly hope not.  I believe that we all
choose to do the best that we can for our own families in the
situations that we are placed into.

We do what we think is God's will for our lives, and I would hope that anyone else would do the same in theirs.


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