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5 kids and the flu that never ends

on March 20, 2006

Not sure if anyone noticed, but we had three extra kids this weekend.

Ja also had the flu.

I got the flu on Sunday.

The three extra kids have the flu today, but thank goodness they're at home!

We made it through though.  Eph still has the diarrhea today…  I'm pretty weak in the knees and wonky.  Keyzia is definitely in the best shape of any of us.  Is it wrong to leave an almost four year old in charge of the running of the house?  I could chalk it up to home-ec!

This flu is weird though.  It hit here on Tuesday night with Keyzia first.  I was pretty miserable on Wednesday, but managed to pull it together.   Keyzia was still pretty under the weather on Wednesday, but did pretty good.  She's quite the trooper!  Up the stairs she'd go to throw up, calmly throw up, then ask if she could go to bed. 

Ephraim didn't make it through as well.  He threw up his breakfast Friday morning, but he was also being pretty silly.  I gambled and took them grocery shopping anyways.  Then he threw up at Farmboy.  Nice.  He was pretty miserable until I got these great homeopathic flu thingies for him.  Made a huge difference.

Saturday night Ja came home from a dinner out with the guys and promptly headed to the bathroom.  He was up and down all night Saturday night.

Sunday was my turn.  Up and down all day…  exhausted.  Trying to decide which end to put on the toilet.  Not to mention that Ja was still not so good.

Basically, it was a pretty hellish weekend.  I think I would have much rather'd trade with Coolbeans!


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