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Sweating sweater

on March 10, 2006

I'm generally not a sweater.  Meaning, I don't sweat very
often.  Unless of course I am with child or some such
nonsense.  I have certainly never sweated while knitting. 
Not even on those hot hot days.

Needless to say, I was quite surprised the other night when I was bent over knitting Ephraim's tractor sweater, and  realized that there were droplets of sweat on my forehead.  Hmmm.  I thought, this is not good.

Here is the sweet looking sweater…

Don't you love the little white detail in the wheels?  How sweet!  How lovely!!  What a pain in the… er…

(((cue horror music here)))

You see those tangled threads?  The web that has woven
itself??  Do you realize that I have to untangle every ball of
wool and every little cardboard small ball holders?  ((yes, that
is the technical term…))

Just in case you don't understand, at this point in the sweater
knitting there are at least ten balls of wool attached to this
sweater.  Ten balls with a mind of their own, that like to fall
off my lap, that mock me from the knitting basket.  Ten balls that
as soon as I look away, do that hokey pokey and end up in a tangled

Ephraim will be wearing this sweater at his wedding.


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