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on March 8, 2006

Do you know what I love about homeschooling?  I love that I don't miss it.  I don't miss the moment.  The big moment when the lightbulb goes on, and when the kidlets “get” it.

Keyzia is just breaths away from reading.  Today she wrote


on a piece of paper.  Ja sounded it out for her, and she wrote it down.

The day that she understood that letters had sounds was a huge moment for her.  Now she asks all the time how to spell things.

“Momma, how do you spell 'love'?”

“Momma, can you write 'Happy Birthday' for me?”

“A says a, A says a, every letter makes a sound!”

It's kind of funny how as an adult we take these little things for granted.  I can read, I can type, I can even write my own name if I so choose.  It's effortless.  The words come easily.  I rarely have to sound anything out anymore, although I will admit, I do keep the dictionary at the ready!

I think that is why God gave us these little beings.  These little mini-mes.  They help us to look back, to remember our joy at learning new things, to show us something we may have missed the first time around.  I'm teaching my daughter to read, but she is teaching me the joy in learning something new.  I'm teaching her that words have meaning, and she is teaching me the joy in the words.

And that is why we decided to homeschool.


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