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School at home

on February 22, 2006

Keyzia had a dr's appointment today.  Nothing serious, I just wanted to get these warts on the back of her leg checked out.  ((Turns out that we could treat them, but eventually they'll just go away.  Keyz's immune system will realize that they're there, and they'll just disappear.))

Our doctor's nurse, Sylvia is quite fabulous.  She loves our kids and is always talking to them, asking them questions and that kind of thing.  It's great for many reasons, the main one being that my kids have no fear about going to the doctor's at all.  It's great.

So, Sylvia was asking Keyzia if she was going to school next year.  Keyzia turned to her and said, “I already do school!  At home!”

Sylvia was quite impressed and totally knew that she was talking about homeschooling! 

I was just so proud of my little girl.  It's funny too, you don't get nearly as many funny looks when she says we have school at home as when I say that we homeschool!


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