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Herein lies way too much information.

on February 17, 2006

No.  Really.  I am about to write an article and post on the WORLD WIDE WEB that contains way too much information.

Dad?  Step away from the computer.  I promise that tomorrow I shall post something happy about… bunnies!  or puppy dogs!  With absolutely no talk whatsoever about my girlie parts or their functionings.

That said…

Here we go.

A few weeks ago I bought something a little nutty.  I had done some research, found a supplier, and purchased the Diva Cup.  ((You'll really really have to click on the link to even get a vague understanding of what this is.))  Think…  a diaphragm, sort of, but for your period! 

Thus follows a review, of sorts, of said Diva Cup and my thoughts to it's uses and whether it was worth the crazy amount of money it cost me.

To sum up, the Diva cup rocks my world and I can't believe I waited so long to get it.

The end.

Hunh?  More details?  Awrighty, here we go.

It's this crazy cup shaped thing that you insert into your, er, girlie bits.  It catches all those monthly nasties, then you empty it out, wash it, and re-insert.  Or put in your cupboard in the handy dandy draw string bag until next month.

A typical period for me lasts about 7 days.  The first two days are usually brutal horrifying nasty things, where if you look at me, I just might rip your face off and have it for dinner.  I will soak through the big tampons in about two hours or so, and be quite heavy even while sleeping.  It does generally taper off a bit by day 3, and then down to almost nothing by day 7.

This time?  I was very uncomfortable, as per usual on day one.  Day two (yesterday) totally fine.  Today?  It's tapering off, and I think that'll probably be it by tonight.

I have yet to fill the cup and I left it in there for 6 hours or more yesterday.  And for a good 8 hours today.  I didn't even need to empty it when I did.

The tricky parts?  Learning how to get it in is tricky.  Especially as a die hard tampon woman.  The lesson I learned is that you do not insert it the way you would a tampon.  It actually sits very low, just inside the vaginal opening.  Surprisingly tho, I cannot feel it when it's in there properly.  I had to go back and read the directions on it to really figure the thing out.

One thing that is weird is peeing with it in.  I have been assured by some cyber buddies that it will not fall out, but it does kind of feel like it.  Maybe it's just my superior vaginal muscles!  After pushing out a ten pound baby!  ha!

I'm convinced that it's the lack of chemicals in these things that's doing my body good.  I also switched to cloth pads for at night, but I haven't even really needed anything on at night, so that part doesn't even matter.

A three day period??  That's unheard of for me!  But, I will take it.  Oh yes, I will take it.

Now I'll probably get pregnant or something.  Figures, eh?


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