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Random postings with gratuitous cuteness

on February 13, 2006

Yah.  It's been a while.  I've got that blogging block right
now.  Or maybe I'm just to into the current knitting
obsession?  Who knows!

In an attempt to break the blogging block (wow, say that five times
fast!), I offer you a random posting, in list form, with gratuitous
cuteness to break up the tedious boredom…

1.  I broke down and had a Pampered Chef
party on Friday.  Had a $300 show which gets me $45 worth of free
stuff and 1 half price item.  Wahoo!  I might splurge and get
a new frying pan too…  we'll see about that.  Even at 60%
off they're ridiculously expensive.  It's worth it in the long
run.  Lifetime warranty, baby.

Gratuitous Cuteness #1

They really do love each other!!

2.  My winter coat died.  The day that “real” winter hit, the
zipper kaputzed on me.  It would have cost about $50 to replace
the zipper, so I splurged and got a new coat from Winners.  $50
for a red down jacket.  It's much fun!  But now I definitely
need to make a new scarf for it.

Gratuitous cuteness #2

((hamming it up for the camera))

3.  This weekend we had bright sun and cold weather.  Now THAT is winter.

Gratuitous cuteness #3

(((my men)))

4.  For many many reasons, I ordered a Diva Cup.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Gratuitous Cuteness #4

((zoned out in front of the universal babysitter))

5.  Homeschooling continues wonderfully.  It's funny about
homeschooling…  While I've been home with the kids all along,
now is the time when I feel the most purpose.  Weird. 

6.  My son spent fourty minutes taking one page at a time out of a
blank notebook today and piling them beside himself on the couch. 
In his underwear.

7.  My daughter, when told she could wear whatever she wanted to
today came down in a very fancy dress.  So, my son is hanging out
in his underwear, and my daughter in a dress.  Nature vs. Nurture my ass.

8.  I really like the word ass.

Random Gratuitous cuteness for no particular reason

((How could you not want to EAT those cheeks???))

(((yes, his roller skates are pink.  He's very in touch with his feminine side…)))


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