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Rivers and lakes of pee

on February 1, 2006

I smell it everywhere.  If there's a drop on the floor I lean
down to see if it has that distinctive odour…  the odour that
will lead me on the hunt to find the balled up wet big boy
undies…  and eventually the naked son who has tracked over the
house with his pee soaked socks.

Is this what my life has been
reduced to?  The pee hunter?  The one who continually says,
“Do you have to go pee?”  “Do you have to go pee?”  “Do you
have to go pee?”  Man, I even annoy myself, I can only imagine how
annoying it is for Eph!

We are toilet training.  I had
forgotten how much toilet training sucks.  Actually, I think that
Keyzia left me delusional.  Wanna know how we trained her? 
Left her bum naked with the potty in the room.  Told her she
needed to put all of her pee in the potty, and, lo and behold, she
did.  Worked great!

Eph?  Not so much. 

Is it a boy thing?  Is it a second child thing?  I'm pretty sure it's an Ephraim thing.

He totally understands the concept.  In fact, he poops everytime in the toilet.  Every.  Stinking. Time.

The pee?  We could find the pee anywhere.  Almost makes me glad we don't have any carpet just yet. 

the past few days he's been doing really really well.  He does
great at Sunday school, and great at playgroup.  It's the at home
part that doesn't go so well.  The past few days he's at least
been making it TO the bathroom.  Onto the toilet is pretty hit and
miss.  But, progress, right?  At least it's in the bathroom???

I think I've washed the bathroom rug fourtyhundred* times since Friday.

stays dry for his entire nap.  He goes when I tell him to
go.  And he can get on and off the toilet in this weird climbing
all around the rim way before he sits down.  He can take his pants
and big boys off all by himself. 

He totally GETS it. 

He just needs to get it in the toilet.

the meantime, the swiffer wet jet is constantly on standby.  I
don't think I've washed these floors so much in the past 9 months that
we've been here.  The laundry gets done almost every day, and the
toilet is constantly being wiped down.

So, I guess the one good thing of toilet training is how clean the house is.

But, I think I would rather a messy house that isn't permeated with the odour of pee.

Well, I can dream, can't I?

*Yes, I did say fourtyhundred.  But it's okay.  Coolbeans said noon thirty!


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