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Whew! Where to start?

on January 30, 2006

I see that it's been a while since I've updated…  hmmm…  I think I may have gotten caught in that phase where I do plan and write a post in my head, and then forget to transfer it all to the computer.  Such is life, I guess. 

So, until you can all just read my mind, or until I can somehow beam the posts in my head onto my blog, I have to resort to typing.

Yesterday I had a temper tantrum.  A pretty big one.  Okay, not so much a temper tantrum, but some mega thinking of having one.  We've gone for almost a year without having a virus protector that was up to date.  Last week we decided to fork out the extra $2 a month for Cogeco to supply us with a constantly updated virus protector, I downloaded it, and after fighting with the thing for an hour or so, finally got it to accept our emails.  ((Notes from my mom are NOT SPAM!!  You hear me, you stupid virus protector???))  ahem.  I don't understand, nor do I want to understand, the whole deal with firewalls, acceptable ip addy's, etc, etc.  I just want to receive my email and not get a virus on my computer.  Is that so much to ask for a mere $2 a month? 

Anyways, I got it all worked out with most of my dignity intact, and some calming words from Ja over messenger. 

Then… then…  I just recently found out that I am not as unloved as I thought, that I should have been getting email notifiers for a few of the message boards that I'm on, but alas.  INCREDIMAIL WAS BOUNCING THEM ALL BACK.  Yup.  grrrr.  I sure had a few choice things to say about incredimail, and I can tell you, it's a darned good thing that the kids were in bed.  I think I may have even sunk so low as to call them a bunch of poopy heads. 

After discussing with Ja, the voice of calm and reasoning in our dramatic household (I really do wonder where our daughter gets her drama from), and he suggest I uninstall Incredimail and just use Outlook Express.  Regardless of the fact that we hate Windows, that Bill Gates is attempting to take over the world one computer at a time, blah blah blah.  BUT, I had to figure out how to get the address book from Incredimail into Outlook.  Took a good 40 minutes.  ((again, all you computer savvy people can just shut up about how easy it is.  If it was easy would it have taken me fourty minutes?  hmmm??))

THEN, oh no, merging the addresses isn't the end of the saga here!  I had some emails that I did need to save.  A couple of online purchases that were still pending, a few sweet emails from people.  Some links that were emailed to me, that kind of thing.  For some reason ((be quiet you with the computer degree in the corner!))  I could not force Incredimail to merge the messages with Outlook.  This was probably Outlooks, and ultimately Bill Gates' fault.  Punishment, if you will, for daring to not use their product.  ((Man, i hope they don't find out about FireFox!))  Wanna know what I did??  I set Incredimail to not receive any emails, and then I forwarded all the ones I needed to keep to myself.  I really did.  Hopped over to Outlook to kick the receive button, and slapped them all in the appropriate files to be perused at will at a later date.

So, now I'm feeling pretty good.  Only two hours, and I've almost got myself all switched back over to Outlook Express.  Oh yah, look at me, I am the queen of program manipulation!  I can do anything!  I am woman, hear me roar!

I uninstall Incredimail.

I realize that I uninstalled Incredimail without responding to any of the emails waiting for responses in my inbox.


Can't get them back now, no sirree. 

So, if you emailed me, and are waiting so very patiently and with a held breath for my response, then maybe you should email me again.

Or leave me a comment.

Or phone me.

I promise I will answer the phone for today and today only because I totally screwed up.

Man I hate computers.


In other news, there's a new button in my sidebar.  I know that it kind of looks like it says “2000 sucks” But really it's “2000 SOCKS“.  Just a little thing to see how many socks are made in a year.  Let's blow them out of the water!  Made one sock?  Made two?  It doesn't matter!  Any sock that is finished in the year 2006 counts.  Even if you're Great Great Grandma started it on the boat over, and you're just finishing it now, it still counts.  Click on the button or on the link above for more info.


Also, I haven't posted much about TV FREE, either.  I blame Coolbeans.  This whole thing was her idea, and I do believe that she may have promised me my own button… and alas.  Nothing.  We've actually decided to make Friday's our TV Free night.  It works well that way.  In fact, I'm trying to make it a TV FREE DAY.  But we'll see how that goes.  Tuesday's don't work because of ballet, Wednesdays are respite, Thursdays are Care Group.  But we did do this this past Friday, and the kids had a blast.  We played this crazy game called “Snitch” and we played Topple.  Much fun was had by all, and the kids were happy when we put them to bed.  TV Free Friday's it is!  Not to mention that it has a much better ring than TV Free Tuesday.


And that's an update in a very large nutshell.  Okay, maybe a bucket.  A large bucket.  A large bucket with no holes in it.


I need tea.



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