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Now it feels like home…

on January 25, 2006

I've been having this problem.  I've always wanted a bedroom that
was like a “sanctuary”.  A warm and relaxing place to be able to
go and… well, relax, I guess. 

When we decided to paint the house, I really wanted everything to be
bright and cheerful.  Bright colours make me happy, and more than
anything I wanted to make this place a happy place to be.  We have
a living room that's yellowy-orange, a blue kitchen, apple green
hallway.  Our bathroom is purple.  I love that I get
bombarded with colour as soon as I walk through the door.  To me
it says, “Come on in!  Kick those toys aside and make yourself at

Our bedroom is much more subdued.  And now, it's beautiful. 
The wonderful sweet amazing Sharlene brought in her decorator eye, and
this is what she did…

We went to Homesense and Sharlene beelined directly for the clearance
art display… well, after a slight detour through shoes.  She
found that big frame up there with that tree in it, showed it to me,
and I did love it.  I didn't, however, love the price because I am
cheap.  Then we argued about if I should get it, if she was going
to pay for it, if I was, blah blah blah.  The original price tag
on that big picture was $199.99.  It was marked down to $70 and
then to $50.  I thought $50 was more than I was willing to spend
for a couple of reasons.  One, I have no vision.  While I
really liked the painting, I couldn't picture it in the bedroom. 
And two, did I mention the cheap??

Sharlene also insisted that I buy the little picture that you can see
to the left of the picture.  Again, skeptical, but that Sharlene,
she is pusssshhhh-y!  And now?  I love it.

This is the view of the other side of the bed.  We took out Ja's
nightstand and put that corner shelf in there.  Also something
that we already had… then the brilliant idea to turn the leaf
pictures that I took on their sides.  I know.  It seems nutty to me too, but it WORKS!  (((I have no idea what that white spot on the wall is…  It isn't actually there, it only showed up in this picture!!)))

We put the lights behind the bed, and ta-da!  It seems levelled
out!  I'm still trying to talk Ja into centring the window in the
wall, but he says something about the structure of the house, blah de
blah de blah.

We got rid of the long dresser that we did have at the foot of the bed, and now we have this tall one.

So, from my side of the bed, I can see that gorgeous painting, and
those two pics above the dresser that my cousin Ben took.  (((the fan is an evil necessity to drown out the neighbours gabbing, the kids chatting, and cats yowling…)))

I love it.  I keep sneaking up there so that I can do that sighing
thing when I glance in the room.  It really is great. 
And?  As an added bonus?  Ja loves it too!

I always said that I didn't want to put anything in my bedroom that I
didn't love, and I think we've finally accomplished that.  And all
for the bargain price of $35.

Sharlene, I love you!  You totally rock my world!


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