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My very own socks

on January 21, 2006

Ooooeeee, now those are some warm and toasty feet I have.  Feet
made toasty by the creation of a pair of socks.  Created them with
my own two hands, four pointy sticks and some string, I did, I did.

I wasn't expecting them to be finished today, but, it turns out that
while I was doing respite work with Aimee, I had an hour to sit and
watch her shoot arrows in her archery class.  It's a good thing
that I just happened to have unfinished sock number two in my

Aren't they purdy?  Made on 3.75mm dpn's with Regia Cotton
Colour.  Nice stuff.  I've been wearing them for a little
more than an hour now, and even though they have a decent wool count,
they aren't itching me!  It must be the high content of cotton
that offsets it.

If you look carefully, the striping matches up quite niceley… except
that the stripes are all reversed on the second sock.  I didn't
care enough to try and make the stripes match at all.  One ball
must have been wound in the reverse of the other ball.

I think that now I have the hang of it, I quite enjoy making
socks.  They're a nice easy fast project that I can slip into my
purse and haul around with me anywhere.  I did make these a titch
too short for my foot, so the next pair will have to be a bit
longer.  I'm still keeping them for myself!!

Next up, a toe up sock pattern…. stay tuned…


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