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12 hours, two stores and some sushi

on January 16, 2006

Several months ago, something like three months ago, my friend Allyson
and I booked a day for just the two of us.  We very carefully kept
this day a secret from virtually everyone…  everyone, except, of
course, the poor husbands who were doomed to be abandoned with the
children for as long as we deemed necessary.

On Saturday morning Allyson scootched over and picked me up, and we
were off!  Off with a whole day where no small children were
grabbing us!  Where we didn't have to change any diapers! 
Where no one's food needed to be cut up!  ((Well, Al did try to
slice up my sushi, but I beat her off with my chopsticks…)) 
Toronto didn't know what hit it.

We went to Toronto with very little in the way of a plan.  We wanted to do Ikea,
which we hit first.  We didn't spend too much there.  Had a
bit of lunch, were disappointed in the dresser selection, although
happy with both of our purchases.  I got some art for the living
room… broke the glass and cut my finger as soon as I got
home…  cried…  blah blah blah.

After Ikea we hit Romni Wool

Let's all take a moment, shall we?

(((awed silence…  the light sound of angels singing)))

Click on that link up there, then click on “About Us” to get a vague vague idea of the sheer size of this place.

It was actually overwhelming.  We wanted to buy something, but
there WAS SO MUCH.  So many possibilities.  Silk, cotton,
wool, bamboo, every colour you could possibly imagine…  it
really does boggle the mind.

Al and I touched everything.  Seriously.  We were in this
place for about two hours, and we were compelled to touch it all.

((note my hand here…  posing for a picture, and still have my hand in a basket of yarn))

And this is just the main floor.

I thought that I had a picture of the basement, but it isn't on the
camera, so I'm thinking not…  The basement was packed full of
cones of yarn.  Mostly fine lace weight type stuff.  And…
they had spinning wheels and fleece.

Check out the colours of that fleece on the right.  Oh my
goodness.  And it was soooo soft.  I really really HAVE to
learn how to spin.  If I don't?  I might die.  And
really, wouldn't that be a travesty??  Think of my poor children!

I'm still kicking myself for not buying a skein of fleece.  I
could have gotten a skein for around $6.  Guess we're just gonna
hafta go back, eh?  heh heh heh.

After we dragged ourself out of Romni, shook off the yarn induced
stupor we were in, we went to Sushi Sky on Queen Street.  It was
lovely.  It was the best Sushi and Sunomono salad I have ever

Coming out to a $30 parking ticket certainly put a downer on the day
though.  ((I didn't see any signs!  Al, did you see any
signs???  Stupid Toronto!!))

The best thing about the day was that we had no pressure.  No
plan.  We didn't have to be home at any specific time.  We
didn't have to stop for anyone but us.  It was awesome.  And,
the best part, it was totally renewing.  I came home ready to
resume the mother and wife hats.

So, Al, how's May 20th for you?  And don't you think that this time we need to go overnight?


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