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Sometimes you just get through the day

on January 13, 2006

You know, when I'm miserable and crabby, I really don't want to be
around cheery people.  I would much rather wallow in my
misery.  Content to spread the crab to all who see me and are
forced to be in my presence…

I was going to hit the library
today.  But then the thought of trying to keep the kids relatively
quiet just made me tired.  Then I had to sit down.  All this
while the two horribles are giggling and running around like maniacs…

a change of plans.  I kick them outside so that I can sit in the
peace and quiet for twenty minutes.  Maybe I'll pick up my bible,
look for that renewing sense of peace.  Hope that I'll be granted
a fifth wind.

It's the tired that kills me.  That bone
numbing tired that just makes you want to sleep for a year or
two.  When I'm this tired, the life just seems to be sucked right
out of me.  It leaves me barely enough to get by, never mind with
enough to pass over to the kidlets.

And yet, I will pull
through.  I'll have another cup of tea.  Read some
blogs.  Tidy up a little.  Then I'll look at my children
tucked snuggly in their beds, and I will know that I would do it all
again tomorrow.

Edited to add:

Had a nap today, and am feeling much much better.  It's amazing what a little bit of sleep will do for you, isn't it???



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