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TV Free

on January 9, 2006

Ooooeeee.  Remember back in August when my family went electronics free for four long days?  Remember how much fun it was?

Well, we are jumping on the bandwagon with Coolbeans.  She is starting a TV free Tuesday with her family, and we are going to be starting a TV free Wednesday with our family.  (I know, I know, my button says TV free Tuesday, and I begged and begged for a Wednesday button, but to no avail!)

I really do think that it's too easy to turn on the TV.  Watch whatever mind numbing junk there happens to be on there…  not pay attention to the kids because we've parked them in front of the tube.  It's too easy.  It makes the kids grumpy because we haven't actually done with them, and it makes us tired and too stupid to think of anything else to do.

So, a challenge.  Pick a day.  Turn it off.  Let your imagination go nuts.  Build a lego castle.  Read a book or five.  Go for a walk.  There's a whole world out there beyond TV!

Feel free to snag the button from my sidebar, save it to your own server and post it.  Join us and get lost in imagination!


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