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And…. a decision has been made…

on January 9, 2006

The struggle about what to do about schooling our kidlets
has been going on for quite a while now.  We've gone back and
forth between sucking it up, sending them to the school up the road,
finding a french emersion school, looking into begging our way into
Christian school, and yet nothing seemed to fit.  It's the
mother's instinct.  You mother's out there KNOW the instinct I
mean.  The one where you talk and think about one choice to make
for your child, and your stomach starts to hurt, and you get that
stabbing feeling in your heart.  This is not to be mistaken for
the hate that your kidlets are getting older feeling…  that one
is more like a weepy thankful feeling.  Sadness at what is already
gone, and yet anticipation for what's coming.

Ja and I, after
more research than I ever did for any essay in university, have decided
to commit to homeschool for the next two years.  That will be JK
and SK for Keyzia.  The years when we can screw up the
least.  The cheapest years of homeschooling.  It will pretty
much be an extension of what I'm already doing with them.

The bottom line is that at this point we don't really trust the public school system to do better than we can in educating our
children.  Do I believe that every family can or should
homeschool?  No, I don't.  Am I certain that I can
homeschool?  Not even a little bit.  My fear certainly
over-rides my excitement in any given moment.  And yet, when I
start the round of self doubt, the round of wondering what's coming, I
get filled with a peace like I have never known.  I really and
truly believe that God has led us in this direction, and that He will
be faithful in pulling us through it.

Are there still issues that
we need to work through?  Of course there are.  Who knows, at
the end of a year we might decide to send them to school.  Or, at
the end of two years, we might feel God leading us to continue

I was worried about what people would think. 
My family, his family, friends and etc, and then I realized that it
simply doesn't matter.  Not only do they already think that I'm a
bible thumping/cloth diapering weirdo, but now they can just add
homeschooling to the list.  The bottom line is that I need to do
what we feel is best for our children.  At this point, what is
best for our children is to school them at home.

And now, here we
are, at the most important question that I think people are going to
ask us.  What about socialization?  Let me just say that
socialization has been one of our biggest issues…  that is until
we realized that in the “big wide world” that we all live in, we don't
just socialize with people our own age.  In my case, my world
isn't made up only of people who are 28.  In fact, I think there
may be only one other person that age.  In the school system, kids
tend to only socialize with their own age group.  I don't
necessarily think that's a bad thing, but from the homeschooling
aspect, my children will learn how to socialize and play with all age

This is a very good article
on homeschooling and the aspect of socialization. You can also type
homeschool and socialization into Google and get a lot of articles on
the whole aspect.

Our intent is to hook up with some other
homeschooling families here in town.  This creates a support base
for us, and also let's us use any possible talents to help other
families out.  It becomes a win win situation.

I am very
excited and peaceful about this decision.  I only want to do what
is best for our family, and for us, for now, this is the best thing.


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