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It was all about feet… really…

on January 4, 2006

At long last!  Because all what, three readers that I have must be
dying to know what I made for Christmas this year!  Oooee, and
here is the photographic evidence!

Exhibit one,  slippers for ma mudda.

At least, I think these ones are the ones for my mom.  Specs for these are about a ball and a half of Lion Brand Suede.  Size 6 hook and this pattern.  Not sure if my mom likes them, but Shannon likes hers…

You know, now that I look at the pics, I think these ones might have been my mom's….  hmmm.

Fudge got slammed with the ugliest purse in the world.

Made with some random acrylic stuff I had, and the pattern from the
Interweave Knits Crochet Special Issue.  I can't find a date on
it, but it says display until January 31st, 2006 on it.

I also made her a twirly scarf, thought I took a pic of it, but I can't find it now.  Alas.

Now, the best thing that I did for someone this Christmas was to cover up these…

Poor Jessie.  Look how cold her feet look.  I started her a
pair of socks about two years ago.  Finished the first one, was
traumatized beyond belief when my son pulled the needles out of the
second one, and finally picked it up again just so that I could finish

Look how toasty and warm her feet look!  Ahhh yes.  It's
funny tho, I was still a fairly new knitter when I made her the first
sock, so there are a few ladders and such where the needles
joined.  The second sock is quite lovely.  Nice even
stitching, etc, etc.  Good thing Jessie has one foot bigger than
the other! 

I made a few other things as well.  A couple of bracelets, that kind of thing.  Oh, and a neckwarmer for my dad.

And now?  Now that the Christmas hustle is over with?  Now I am making something for me. 

I promised Jessie that I wouldn't buy any more sock wool until I
finished her socks.  And true to my word, I didn't.  However,
the morning that I finished her socks, I dashed over to Yarn Ewetopia to spend my gift certificate from my Gramma. 

I got four balls of Regia Sock wool and two sets of dpn's.  Oh
yah.  The problem with a lot of sock wool is that the wool content
is too high, and then I can't wear them.  My nasty sensitive skin
doesn't like that high content stuff next to my skin.  This stuff,
the Regia Cotton Colour
is 41% wool, 34 % cotton and 25% Polyamide.  It is sooo
soft.  Passed the neck test, and it isn't making my hands crazy to
work with it.  Most sock wool is 80% wool content or higher. 

I've already turned the heel on the first sock, and am now working on
the gusset decreases.  Isn't it purdy?  I adore self striping
yarn!  The excitement of when the stripe will end!  The never
ending spooling of colour!  The way the striped are differently
sized!!  Oh yah.  It fulfills me to the very depth of my

And now?  I really must be getting back to that sock.  It is beckoning from the knitting basket as we speak.


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