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I really must share…

on December 23, 2005

The long list of Christmas craftiness is almost over!  And,
because the recipients of these aren't really able to access the blog
on their own… here are the prizes…

These are Sprites

One for my niece Sierra, and one for each of my kidlets.  My
kidlets were so enamoured with the one that I made Sierra that I
decided to make them each one… to the detriment of my poor little

The one I made for Sierra is just plain legs, with a shell stitch skirt.

The eyes are a bit lopsided, but…  meh.

Keyz's favourite colour is blue, hence the blue striping on the
tights.  Which, by the way, was much easier to do than I
originally thought.  I did a bit of a picot on the edge of this
one's hat and skirt… just to make it different.

Then….  the need to come up with a “manly” sprite. 

A belt!  Ja thinks that this guy needs a big gold chain…  sigh.  I think he looks a bit like a leprachaun.

I'm quite pleased with them tho, and I think they will make excellent additions to the stockings!

And now, me and my sore fingers must get ready for the new addition to our family….


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