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Bigger is not always better…

on December 19, 2005

We got a new to us monitor today…  (Thanks Barry!)  and I had no idea what I was missing!  It's quite a bit smaller than the old one, but the colour, people, the colour!  The greens!  The blues!  The contrasting white!  The beauty of it all!

You see, our old monitor wasn't compatible with our computer and hasn't been for years now.  Everything was really dark.  Like, the banner over at Dooce?  Yah, I just thought it was a solid red bar. Thought it was quite unoriginal of her, to be honest…  But then!  The new monitor has shown me the light!

Pictures on people's blogs that I had to squint to figure out what they were are now crystal clear!  The detail!  The colour!  The imagery!  Wow.

Unfortunately, I also noticed how sucky my blog was.  And how the banner did not at all match the colours.  Bah.  Why did no one tell me??  So, I changed the colours.  But the banner needs to change.  But I am tired.  Tired and also?  Crocheting and knitting like a madwoman with only 7 days until Christmas.  It's not looking good, people.  Not looking good at all.

The problem is that I keep adding myself new projects.  These projects that I must not talk about or the potential recipients will know what they are getting.

Ah yes, Christmas.  'Tis the season for lies and deception.


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