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The pain, the pain!!

on December 13, 2005


I bent over today to play with the Little People with the kidlets, and felt something pop in my neck. 

I thought to myself, “hmm, that can't be good.”  And when I could hardly stand up or move afterward, I thought, “hmm, that really can't be good.”  And then I contemplated swearing.  A lot.

So, Ja insisted that I go to my friendly neighbourhood chiropractor (shhh, don't tell Amanda!) And he came home from work so that I could scootch over and Dr. Ben could pop the thing that was sticking out of my neck back in my neck.

And pop it back in he did.  After running it over with the Thumper.  ((Man, I really gotta get me one of those!))  I felt an instant relief of pressure when he popped it back in.  And, the sick feeling in my tummy went right away, and the almost dizzy feeling I had went right away too.

Now, it still hurts.  It's just more sore now.  At least I can move my arms around and pick up the kids.  It was just one of those fluke things, I guess.  My head will actually turn now, and with just a sore muscle kind of pain instead of sharp searing head is trying to detach itself from the neck kind of pain.

But, I guess I'm getting old, hunh?  Bend over to play and my neck goes out.  Next purchase better be a walker and a wheel chair!


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