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Thirteen days.

on December 12, 2005

Yup.  You heard me.  Thirteen days until Christmas. 
It's not looking good, people.  I have about six projects on the
go, and six more planned, and only thirteen days to do them all
in.  sigh.

It's not looking good, people.  I mean, it's
not like I can just sit around and knit or crochet all day.  I
have little people to look after…  a house to clean (ha!),
projects to make for myself…  whoops.  Only kidding on that!

don't know who says that Christmas is a holiday.  We try to keep
it simple, and yet the running around, the making things, the setting
up the tree, etc, etc, etc.  Relaxing my butt.  We've
actually secretly considered just plain cancelling Christmas this
year.  We also just found out that we don't get to stay home this
year.  Once again we're running off in an attempt to keep everyone

So, if there isn't a lot of posting going on around here in the next thirteen days, it's because I will be creating. 



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