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What I've learned about Cloth Diapers…

on December 9, 2005

My toddler diaper stash looks something like this…
Isn't it pretty??  There are probably three missing… 
either in the laundry, or the one the boy is wearing right now. 
There's a certain sense of satisfaction for me to see them all clean
and stacked on the shelf like that.

So, a few things I've learned about cloth diapers and the making of such in list form…  Cuz lists are just so handy!

1.  diapers made without an internal soaker pad dry WAY faster than ones with an internal soaker pad.

2.  While velcro is daddy friendly, it is not really laundry
friendly.  I'm constantly ripping the darned diapers apart when I
take them out of the dryer.  The solution?  snaps.  I'm
loving the snaps.

3.  Heating vents dry diapers quicker than my antiquated old dryer does.

4.  When you have almost two dozen diapers, you only have to do a
load of laundry every three or four days… and you will still have
some on reserve!

5.  The number of external soaker pads should be about double the
number of diapers…  and it sure is handy if you can serge
them.  Also, making the soaker pads, if you cut the fleece a bit
bigger than the soaky uppy part (I used flannelette pieces left over
from the diapers) then the edges zig zag a bit nicer…  fleece
doesn't fray, so it doesn't need to be zig zagged.  And? 
Poop rolls right off of fleece.

6.  Using the heavy duty cycle for a load of diapers and a double
rinse makes them happy and fresh.  Now, if you had a newer machine
than we do, it probably wouldn't matter…  but with the oldie
that we have, it does help.  I also use a bit of extra detergent
in there.

7.  Tea tree oil is awesome in the diaper container to keep the stinky down.

8.  Wool soakers rock.  I have NEVER had a leak with a wool
soaker!  And hanging them to dry makes them good as new within a
couple of hours.  I haven't had to wash one yet.

9.  I can NOT even believe how much money this has saved us!

10.  Cloth diapers rock the world.

So, Very Mom, queen of the cloth
diapering world was right.  For only slightly more effort, we've
saved a bunch of money.  I will admit, the money was the major
factor in this…  the fact that we're helping the environment and
that Eph hasn't had a diaper rash since we switched are just happy
by-products…  I would have liked to make some all in ones with
the waterproof outer, but couldn't find the material anywhere.  If
we ever are nuts enough to have another kid, and if I ever get over the trauma of yesterday, then I may have to order some of the stuff.  For now, the four wool soakers I have, and the one Kushies Cover will do.  Another Kushies Cover will be handy, they fit nicer under pants, but maybe Santa will be kind enough to bring one! 

And now, now it is time to put the sewing machine away for a little
while…  Because you know what?  I really don't like sewing
very much!


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