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Three seems possible, but six??

on December 9, 2005

Oooeee.  I've got this twitch over my right eye today.  And occasionally?  I have this involuntary shudder thing going on.  A bit of a shake to my left hand too.  It's really not good. 

Today, for several hours, too many hours in fact, I was the only adult in charge of six children.  Four of those children were aged four and under.  Two of those children were the dreaded teenagers.  I'm whispering that 'cuz if they hear me, they might come back.  (((shudder)))

I'm currently head of that horrid Susko boy.  Man, he is terrible.  I mean just look at him.  Don't let that cuteness fool you, he's a terror!  ((kidding!!)) 

I also had two of the three Goodson kids.  Hunter who is four, and Tori who is 14 and homeschooling.

Then add my two to the mix.

Then add a passing by teen who spent the afternoon here.

twitch twitch

Anyways, I had forgotten how much teens can talk!  And boy, can they talk.  And boy can a one year old, a two year old, a three year old, and a four year old fight!  I was tempted to just let them brawl in the middle of the room for a little while…  but then I figured that their respective parents may not like that too much.  We'll see how next week goes…

You know, I am suddenly understanding why my mother-in-law is just a little bit batty.  And, I'm sort of wondering why she isn't a little bit battier….

But, I survived, without alcohol.  Amazing, I know.  I don't even have any little happy pink pills to take.  And I made it.  I will admit I was pretty glad for them all to go home…  and I just sat and listened to how quiet only two kids can be… 

You know, babysitting is really the best form of birth control there could possibly be.  Even though the money sucks, I suppose we'll be saving in the long run!  😉


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