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How do I love thee…

on November 22, 2005

Oh Little Turtle Knits Ribby Wrap Pattern, how do I love thee?  Well worth the money, let me just say.

The pattern is written pretty neat, it's in chart format, no need to go through and circle all the crazy numbers and stuff.  It's just really great.

Gee, am I writing well today or what?  Maybe I just need more tea… especially since I can't think of the word that I want to describe my writing, but which obviously doesn't…  sigh…

I would so love to post pics for you right here in this article.  But Blogware seems to be melting down… again…

So, go here for all the soaker and diaper pics.

The Ribby Wrap is here, and opened here.  Modelled by the lovely Ephie-pie here and here.

I also made these really neat butt sweaters from an old cashmere sweater of my sister Ashley's.  It is soooo soft, but unfortunately Eph is waaaay too huge for them.  So off they go to Bekah.  Pics are here and here.


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