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Ooooeee I can sew, I can sew!

on November 16, 2005

My Gramma would be so proud of me!

I generally dislike sewing.  I can do it, I can tolerate
it…  but, it must be the whole “following a pattern” nonsense
that I dislike.

HOWEVER, last night I made Ephie four cloth diapers!  Wahoo! 
Just out of old material and receiving blankets!  It worked like a
charm, and not only that, he loves them!  Now I just need a few
more soakers,
and I am laughing….  I think so far I have spent $20 on this
venture.  And the best part?  Now there's not so much
pressure on me, or on him, to potty train.  He can now feel when
he's wet too, which is half the battle, really.

So, here ya go…  four layers of material…  The outside of
the yellow one and the green one is made of old receiving
blankets.  The brown plaid is some material I got from my Gramma

I used this pattern
to make them.  The first one I made a bit too short, so we altered
the pattern to make it a titch longer through the centre, and they fit
AWESOME.  And man, are they ever CUTE.

My Gramma gave me a bunch of old flannel blankets, and that's what I
used to line them.  The soaker part in the centre (that you can't
see) is made of an old cotton tea towel that Ja hates.  On the
brown plaid that part is an old stained facecloth.

((This one is Eph's favourite!))

So, the layers go like this, polar fleece on the inside, on the part
that touches his skin; two layers of old cotton blanket in the middle,
then the outside is pretty much whatever fun stuff you have kicking

A couple of tricks I learned was to use a thinner elastic, rather than
thicker.  Sewing each end of the elastic down before stretching it
and sewing down the length makes a huge different.  I intend on
adding velcro to the tabs on all of these, but unfortunately, can't do
it until payday!  So, for now we use diaper pins.  Which is
actually working not too badly.

I really love the way these fit him.  They aren't too bulky,
they're nice and trim around his legs, and when he got up this morning,
the fleece had whicked all the moisture to the outside of the
diaper.  His skin was pretty dry.  Another great
thing??  We haven't had a diaper rash around here since we stopped
using the disposables.  oooeee!

And now I leave you with Keyzia, trying to strangle her brother with love.


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