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on November 11, 2005

Soooo…..  Big news in our house!  So big that I thought of having a party.  A little get together with some close friends, to celebrate this momentous occasion…

Ephraim pooped on the toilet!  Now that Ephraim knows he CAN poop on the toilet, he wants to poop on the toilet all the time!  When we take him upstairs to go pee, he always cheerfully says, “and poop too!”  Then his little round face turns red and the grunting begins.

We actually had to talk to him about how he doesn't have to go poop every time he goes pee.  He just stared at us blankly.  Like, why would we not want to go poop every time?  Pooping is fun!  We LOVE to poop!  Not to mention the two smarties we get afterwards…

Anyways, here's a running commentary by Eph while he is pooping on the toilet.

“Oh!  There's a poop coming out!  There it is!”  (sometimes at this point we have to actually get off the toilet and look at the poop, commenting on size and sometimes smell…)

“There's another one coming, Momma!  Here it comes!  Now there's two poops!  I did two poops in the toilet!”

And on, and on…

It would actually just about kill you to watch my two year old pooping on the toilet.

Would it be wrong of me to video this going on?  I mean, I would never show it at his wedding or anything… 


Or would I?


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