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Christmas? I don't need to knit for Christmas!

on November 11, 2005

I know I know, Christmas is only…  well… not too far away, and
here I am making something for myself.  Indulging in the softness
of Alpaca…  mmmm….  alpaca…  (((honey, can I have
a llama or two for Christmas??)))

Anyway, I finally, after a bunch of frogging, a lot of frogging, but only a little bit of swearing, finished Iris Schreir's Multi Directional Scarf
You can get the pattern by clicking on that link.  Sign up, intro
yourself, and they send you the pattern in word format.  What an
awesome pattern.  I adore it.

This is the scarf without edging, without the ends being woven in.  It's 15 full triangles.

I did a little crochet picot edging on both long sides.  I was
freaking out a bit, didn't think I would have enough luscious alpaca to
finish it, but I made it!  With just a few ends left over. 
ooeee…  so, now what to do with the bottom??  hmmm… 
I have some bernat satin that matches the dark blue perfectly… I'll have to see how it would look with tassles.

This is a close up of the directional stitching.  It's soooo neat the way it's done!  All short rows.

It's now happily blocking on my kitchen table.  The ends really wanted to roll up.

On my monitor, the colour of the wool is terrible…  there's actually quite a bit of purple in it.  It's beautiful.

Next project?  A diaper wrap…  testing for Bekah!


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