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Random thoughts that don't go together or fit anywhere… In list form

on November 6, 2005

1.  Rainy sundays with the heat turned up and the children napping are just a little bit of what heaven will be like.

2.  I am currently obsessed with the idea of cloth diapers.  (Thanks mostly to Very Mom, and this article.)  We are poor.  We got Ephraim some of these Kushies training pants from Walmart yesterday.  How much do I love them??  You have no idea.  He wore one to bed last night, but it couldn't handle that kind of pressure…  he was a bit damp when he got up.  BUT, during the day?  Fabulous!  He even told us that he had to go pee!  I think that he can feel that he's wet in these, so he knows at the very least that he has gone.  I was also intrigued to find out that you can knit “soakers” or diaper covers.  Great patterns at Little Turtle Knits.  I especially like the ribby rap.  If we are ever nuts enough to have another baby, we will totally go cloth all the way.  I even found a great free pattern to sew your own diapers.  Once the disposables we have are gone, I just might sew up an overnighter for ma boy.  He'll at least be in diapers at night for the next little while. 

3.  Ja has informed me that it is silly to have another baby JUST to use cloth diapers.

4.  I had a very odd dream last night.  One where I met a bunch of people from the blogs I read on an almost daily basis.  Jess was there, and MicheleFluid Pudding brought shoes for everyone.  And Amy's baby puked s lot.  Very interesting, to say the least.   It was one of those dreams where you wake up and you think, “wow, that sure was a great time!”

5.  We seriously considered NOT picking the kids up from Sunday school after church today.

6.  Ja and I decided that we are very much looking forward to being raptured, and that we hope it happens before we have to pay back the student loans or before they cut off the cable.

7.  I have a giant loom in my basement.

8.  The floors in here are freezing.  We desperately need some carpet.

9.  I had to discuss the fact that only boys have penises with my son yesterday.  He wanted to “help” me go pee, and told me when I sat down to make sure my penis was pointed down.

10.  Because you just can't stop a list at number 9!


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