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The temptation…

on November 2, 2005

I have a pretty serious problem.  I am allergic to
chocolate.  Okay, well not exactly CHOCOLATE, but I am allergic to
caffeine, which is in chocolate. 

SO, halloween night, friends of ours came over so that their oldest
could go trick or treating with our guys.  And, the very talented
Rebecca brought dessert.  It looked like this,

Yup.  She made it.  From scratch.  Chocolate cake
layered with some kind of chocolate mousse, and more chocolate cake.

And?  The worst part?  They left the leftovers here.

We finished the cake yesterday.

Today I have a splitting headache.

In other news, how could you help but give these adorables candy?

((I made Keyz's princess skirt out of CURTAINS. 
Yup.  I did.  And she loves it!  Got the curtains two
panels for $10 at Ikea, and they were princess length too long! 


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