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Like mother, like daughter

on October 23, 2005

I was working away on the Halcyon Shawl, crocheting like mad after making one in Angora for Sharlene, and Keyzia asked me to make her one too.

I figure that I have to jump at the opportunity to make her things
since in just a few years I'm sure she will be turning her nose up at
anything I could even think of making her.

So, after I finished my shawl, made with about 5 or 6 balls of Bernat Satin in Admiral,
I was working away on something else, and Keyzia said, “Is that MY
shawl, Momma??  Where's my shawl?  Are you going to make my

Anyways, I thought that was a pretty big hint from my very subtle
little girl, and I started her shawl with the leftover Satin from mine,
and the lighter blue satin that I picked up… sometime… for…
some… thing…

It actually didn't take too long to make.  I cut the rows way
back, and striped it 2 light blue, 5 dark blue.  I made sure to do
the short row shaping so that it was solid one colour.

Awright, I've tried and tried to put the pics right into this posting,
and Blogware is having another little menopausal hotflash…  so,
you can see a pic of the two of us here, and Keyz playing with her shawl on here.  
We like to take the tails and tie it behind our backs…  stays on
great that way.  Although I am thinking about putting a button on
the front of Keyz's so it'll be more like a poncho…  still
tossing that one around tho.

This is really a great pattern.  Easy to make, and you can alter
it fairly nicely for size just by adding or subtracting rows.  It
looks nice without the ribbon woven in, but the ribbon does add a
lovely elegant touch…  I used an orange and green and blue
ribbon with little flowers on it for mine, and Keyz wanted “all blue”
for hers.


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