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We really only need a bathroom… a random post about everything, and yet, absolutely nothing at the same time

on September 29, 2005

It seems that everything important happens in the bathroom in our house.  I
can't remember the last time I went to the bathroom by myself.  In fact, I think
it was last week that I actually had three kids supervising my bathroom goings

Today there is so much poop in our house that it is insane.  I don't think
we're nearly as bad off as poor Very Mom
and her family, but the poop just doesn't seem to want to stop.  It's a darned
good thing that we got a whole new case of diapers yesterday….

But, the bathroom is the scene of such joy, such sadness, such…  well, I'm
sure you already get the picture.  Our neighbours probably think we're nuts,
especially since the bathroom window opens onto the courtyard…  they must
wonder at the singing and jumping around and the songs about pee and poop that
we sing in there.  Blast across the whole neighbourhood.

I'm thinking about trying to get Ja to put a toilet in the living room.  It
would just be so much handier, not to mention that the living room is

But, enough about bathrooms, let's discuss the crafty factor…  I don't
often take my crafts into the bathroom…  let's just leave that at that, shall

With this

I am making this
and man am I excited about it!  It's for a special friend with an
upcoming birthday.  No worries, she doesn't read here unless I
tell her to. 

Right now it looks like this

I'm on row 34 of 58. so it's moving right along.  I am so
totally making myself one when this one is finished.  It's quite
easy to do.  With just a touch of short row shaping to make it sit
better.  Then it's pretty much just increases.  But, what do
I use to make it with?  I was thinking of using the Bernat Satin
I have in a dark blue.  I have four balls of it, so I'd need to
get two or three more.  It's quite cheap, but very soft… 
I'm supposed to be using the satin for a ballet skirt that I'm
attempting to knit, it's just soooo slow!  So, we shall see…
just don't tell Allyson that I'm thinking of changing my mind.

In other non-crafty news, it seems that someone has been trying to
break into our van.  About a week ago, the passenger side door
handle stopped opening from the outside.  We thought, you know,
that's fine, the van's more than ten years old, these things happen,
right?  Just yesterday the driver's side door went. 
Hmmm…  Seeing as how I don't believe in coincidence, we're
thinking someone has been tampering with the van handles.  Called
good old Peterborough Police just to report the possibibility, talked
to a cop with a very sexy voice, (yes, I realize he was probably in his
fifties…) and he told me that it seems to be the in thing with kids
this year.  “Hey Tom, let's go try to break into some cars! 
It'll be a gas!”  Nothing we can do, but my trusty mechanic/dad
will fix it for us.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled bathroom break.


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