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Home. With a VENGEANCE.

on September 13, 2005

The horribles arrived home safe and sound, albeit pretty exhausted from their sojourn to Gramma and Grampa's house for the weekend.

(((hm.  A couple of big words there.  Never mind that it just took me three tries to type the word “of”)))

I think it took them 5.8 seconds to destroy the living room.  Ah well, life just didn't seem full without the danger of having a lego block impale the centre of the bottom of my foot on an hourly basis.

They crashed out pretty early after Gramma and Grampa went home.  The way we do bedtimes around here is that Ja and I switch kids every night.  So one night he'll put Keyz to bed and I'll do Eph, and the next night I'll do Keyz and he'll do Eph.  I am much quicker at bedtimes than Ja is.  We cuddle, read a story, sing song, say our prayers.  Could it be because I am tired of the horribles and quivering in anticipation of being able to knit some lace??? 

((((again with the digressing.  My apologies.))))

SO, Eph was passed out by the time Ja finished with Keyz and went in to kiss him goodnight.  I think he might have been asleep before I even left the room, poor guy.  The hazards of spending the weekend with Gramma and Grampa, I guess.

I knew that yesterday would be the “deprogramming” day.  ((sorry mom, no offense intended there…))  It didn't start off too well, actually.  Eph started to, er, smell a little ripe, shall we say?  Okay, let's be honest here, the paint was starting to peel off the wall…  and I sent him upstairs for a diaper.  He went up, and it was all good, he was taking a while, but that's not unusual.  Being a two year old boy his thinking probably goes something like,

…  gotta get a diaper…  ooo, trains!  oo, Ollie!  Oh, diaper…  a book!  a dust bunny!  must get…  diaper.

But then I heard the toilet lid crash down.  Not a good sign.  Being the good mother that I am, I thought maybe my wayward boy should be checked on.

Up the stairs I go.  To find.  A. Naked.  Boy.  Standing.  On.  The.  Toilet.  He was covered in poop.  Hands, feet, back, wrists.  And he, being the neat and tidy boy that he is, was trying to wipe it off with the flushable wipes we have on the back of the toilet.  Which, of course, meant that the wipes container was covered in poop as well.

Needless to say, Eph had an impromptu shower yesterday morning, and the bathroom got a hosing out with the disinfecting wipes.

Hey Mom, when do they go to your house again?  Is tomorrow good for you??


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